Saturday, March 24, 2007

these are the digital files of the pages of my tang soo do book, and my most recent computer illustration.


Jordie said...

I love the last one.
She's gorgeous!

Trish Tatman said...

Might I suggest that you not use black as much in your digital work? The pieces that only use it sparingly seem to be working much better and are easier to read visually.

Josh Burch said...

which ones does it not work for? after looking over them some more, I still feel as if the black is used the same in every piece. What is it about the black that you feel is causing a problem? because my use of it is important to the way that I am approaching these pieces as well as my comic. I dont feel that all my digital work will be done like this, but this is a style that I am currently exploring. It's kindof an attempt at getting a printmaking quality with digital work. I'm glad you brought this up, because no one has mentioned it before and therefore i hadnt thought about it. I personally dont see the problem, but am more than willing to tweak/change/fix whatever it is that you are reacting too.

Just to be clear, i'm not offended or huffing and puffing trying to defend myself ( i felt i should say that because after reading what I said it could be missinterpreted that way) im just trying to understand what you mean