Tuesday, November 4, 2008

poster with text

So here's where I'm at with the text on the poster now


Oliver Dominguez said...

Nice work on the poster!! But there is missing something, don't they have all black helmets. You forgot to paint them in.

The text fits the deisgn, Im not sure about the white bubble around the type. Thats such me. But over all its a great illustration. Nice improvement man. Its one of my favorite piece.


Oliver Dominguez said...

One more thing! For some cool text design check out this site: http://spikepress.com/
It might help you with future poster designs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Oliver, I feel the text needs some work...im not very knowledgable in that area yet, so good luck. On the good hand - I totally dig the illustration! priceless facial expressions man.

Josh Burch said...

ya with the text for the band name I used the same text they have used for lots of stuff before for cds and what not. Im still tweaking the text and stuff. Do you think its the color of the speech bubble that isnt working or is it the way its done? (its not actually white its a tan color) thanks for the feedback i really appreciate it

Josh Burch said...

also, they have silver helmets, my helmet is black because for the longest times fans could only buy black ones. I tried painting silver there but it always came out as a grey, so i left it scrubbed out they way you see it now