Saturday, January 24, 2009


So here's how the poster turned out. I haven't heard how they liked it yet but my brother will let me know when he finds out. I need to get my rear in gear and crank out some promos and stuff now, also sketchbook stuff.


Niki López said...

i think the angle is interesting enough, as well as the shapes created by the white "spotlight". However, i'd suggest exploring another typeface, or even attempting to draw out your own. it'll definitely boost the appeal towards the design.

Oliver Dominguez said...

I agree with Niki, interesting angles but you have to work with the type face a little. Give the type face the same attention that you gave your image. Give it a more graphic design feel. Look at some graphic design work. Hit up behance, or blogs. Can't wait to see the final.



Andrew R. Wright said...

Hey man check these out for type:

The last guy I just found. He is sick.

You have the right idea with the type by keeping it simple (one font and one size) but the actual style of the typeface does not fit the image. Look at Sterling's type on his posters. It becomes just another element within the image.

Also, the center alignment on the type in the middle looks somewhat corny. Try align left or align right. I bet that will help quite a bit.

One last thing. Careful of the tangent on the "A" in the title.

I hope to see more posters! This seems like a good outlet, having your brother being in a school that produces a lot of plays. I have actually read this one. It's not to bad.