Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So ya, I need to start updating this regularly. Anyway, I forgot to scan the pencil drawing that I posted in progress in the last post, so I'll do that later. Here's the finals from that project (not happy with watercolor :( )
Right now I'm working on a piece on the UFC. Heres a few examples of what I've got going on so far

I'm still trying to figure out a crop for that last one


Andrew R. Wright said...

Yo man. Finally an UPDATE!

These are fun energetic pieces. But the one problem that I can see is in your drawing. I know that your trying to go for that immediate, spontanious quality but the drawings seem to be rushed and a little sloppy. When you start these maybe do a real quick pencil drawing just to figure out where things are. Then sit down and take your time on the ink drawing. Really analyze what your drawing. Try not to search for a line by going back over a line already laid down. Remeber spontanaity isn't just in how fast you do it but how you lay the line down and make your decisions.

Josh Burch said...

Thanks for the feedback Andrew. I think you really hit the nail on the head as far as where I need to go from here. Next time I do something like this I'm really gunna try to be more conservative with my lines, and I think planning it out a little in pencil first might be a good way to do that.